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Elizabeth Carroll Personal Bio

Elizabeth (Davids) Carroll; born 7/5/1956, is a retired business executive, currently the Director of the Marriage Boot Camp. Elizabeth’s resume includes acting, modeling, public speaking and corporate training.

Early Life

Elizabeth grew up in Griffith Indiana, the third child of four to Richard and Miyako Davids. Elizabeth’s parents met during the Korean War while Richard was stationed in Japan. Elizabeth’s parents married at a young age despite the fact that neither one of them spoke each other’s native language. Elizabeth’s father is an American of Welsh/Irish descent; her mother is a Japanese immigrant.

Elizabeth was born on the 5th of July though she should have been born on the 4th of July. Elizabeth’s mother was in so much pain during labor that the doctor gave her strong pain medication that stopped her labor. The next day Elizabeth’s mother had to start labor all over again, this time without any medication. Perhaps this was the beginning of a pattern of bringing purposeful pain into people’s lives in order to birth something amazing!

My Journey of Faith

The most important part of my life has been my journey of faith. I grew up with a general understanding of God. Between sporadic attendance at a Methodist church and the vibrant faith of a neighbor, Sally Wagner, and Catholic Church services with Nancy Marshall, I was exposed to God in a random, by-passer kind of way. I remember the story of the church coming to our door to solicit donations and at the very bottom of the list was "service". The story goes that we had no money to give and my mom felt manipulated to give something, so she picked the cheapest option and became a Sunday school teacher. I have to laugh because she didn't understand who God was, but was put in charge and taught the kids origami. Part of my motivation for attending the Catholic Church was to hang out with Nancy; part of it was that I saw it as a way to scam money for the offering, which I kept for myself.

Without any training, I developed my own personal worldview and managed to do life with a rebellious, angry spirit. Between shoplifting, vandalism, boys, alcohol, it is a miracle that I made it out of high school alive. Thank God I never experimented with drugs. My experience of childhood was grim. I always felt targeted for abuse by my brother. My guess is that between my smart mouth, my natural propensity for naughtiness, and my homeliness, I was a natural target. An index moment for me occurred when I was nine years old. I was following my brother and his friends around on a frozen lake, skating and trying to keep up with them, when my brother turned on me and knocked me down hard on my face and managed to knock my front tooth out. Since we didn’t have dental insurance or the money to pay for dental care, I went through most of junior high and most of high school missing my front tooth and never smiling. I can remember thinking, "I will never be pretty, and so I have to be rich". We did eventually manage to get my tooth repaired, but it wasn’t until I was in college and had college dental care that the issue was finally resolved.

By 10 years old, I was already planning my escape. I had been running away from home in my mind for years with grandiose plans of success. I can remember thinking that I could make a very nice life for myself in the Lieberman's chicken coop. I also remember being told by my mother that I could do anything that I put my mind to and I believed it. By about 7th grade, boys started to notice me and I began to experience a feeling of power. That feeling of being attractive and valued changed my worldview. Now it was all about the boys. From the time I was 14, until just recently at 52, I have never been single. I had planned to remain single, but God had another plan.

I ended up going to college to chase boys. My best friend and I took a weekend trip to IU and stayed with her brother in the boy's dorm, which was where the IU swim team lived, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. From that moment on, it was my purpose in life to get to IU, by hook or crook, and date every boy on the swim team. When I got there, a whole new landscape opened up to me. I loved school. I loved the academics. My worldview once again developed and I added back in the childhood dream of success. I still chased boys with great enthusiasm, but at least I nailed my grades. After graduation, I found success and purpose in work. It wasn't until I was near my 30th birthday that I slapped myself on the forehead and realized that I needed to find a husband. It was a random goal - be married by 30. Everything was coming together as planned. Married, great job, money, owning a home. When my marriage fell apart, I fell apart. My dream bubble burst and I was confused beyond measure. Didn't I do everything right?

After a moment, I got back to the plan. A girlfriend of mine told me that all I needed to do was find a new boyfriend. That sounded right, it was how I'd navigated my entire adult life. She took me to a hip west LA church to meet guys and find love. Jeff Conaway sat in front of me in church and I dreamed about being Kenickie’s next girlfriend.

Providentially, it didn't turn out as I'd planned. I started hearing about God. Something inside me started to resonate with the stories about Jesus. I was told that I could have a new life if I gave my current life over to God. I remember saying, "OK, take this piece of shit of a screwed up life if you want it". He wanted it. He wanted me. Warts and all, He wanted all of me and let me know, in no uncertain terms, that He designed me exactly the way He wanted me to be and loved this mess and would fill me with His power and His love if I would just follow Him. This all took place in a matter of seconds and it has forever changed me. I left that church a changed person and have never, ever been the same.

God's Plan - Not Mine

Long story short, I have followed Jesus, imperfectly, for the past 25 years and He has healed me, trained me, empowered me and loved me in a profound way. I want this for you. It is a really simple thing. God stands at the door of your heart and knocks, hoping that you will open the door. All He wants is for us to recognize that we are broken, imperfect and needy and He offers the free gift of relationship through Jesus to any who call on His name. There is no condemnation whatsoever. I surrendered my life because I felt it had no value and giving it away was a no-brainer. Little did I realize that my life has tremendous value and that He wanted it so He could bless me and then use me. And He will bless you and use you. He wants you. God's desire is that all of us experience a bit of heaven here on earth and the fullness of heaven in the next life. Here's all you have to do. Say this to God with a sincere heart.

God, I know I'm broken and imperfect and have done some lousy things in my life. I believe that you have made a way for me to come to you in my imperfection by having Jesus pay for every ugly thing I've ever done. I believe you when you tell me that Jesus died a horrible death on the cross for ME so that my debts would be paid and I could be forgiven. I accept this free gift of His death to wash away every sin; past, present and future and give you my life to do as you will.

That's it. Give God your heart and He gives you eternal life. Pretty good deal.

Marriage Boot Camp

After 30 years in the corporate world with Levi Strauss & Co. and a Masters level education in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University in San Francisco; Elizabeth brings a unique combination of experience in contemporary culture and insight into the psychodynamics of the human mind and relationships.

Elizabeth brings practical experience in teaching, public speaking, corporate training, and counseling. Her counseling experience includes individuals, couples, and adolescents. She is proficient in gestalt, art therapy, and object relations therapy.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Elizabeth began her career with LS&Co. in 1981 as a sales trainee in Chicago, IL. She quickly climbed to greater and greater levels of responsibility from trainee to Account Executive. In 2002, because of her exceptional organizational and planning skills, Elizabeth was tapped to become the “expert user” on a special team in partnership with Deloitte and Touche that was charged with designing software for use by the sales organization. Not only did Elizabeth contribute to the design of the system, she was also responsible for influencing the executive branch of LS&Co. to support the project from a financial perspective. The MarketMax system was birthed from this team collaboration and in 2004, Elizabeth was given the LSNA Excellence Award for her work. From this platform, Elizabeth became the lead corporate trainer, charged with training the national sales and planning organization as this new, web based planning and forecasting tool was rolled out to the national sales organization. As this project neared completion, Elizabeth was given the opportunity to choose her next project. Elizabeth chose, primarily for family reasons, to take a position in Frisco, Texas, managing the J. C. Penney business and moving herself and her two daughters from San Francisco, CA. to Texas. After 30 years of deeply satisfying work, Elizabeth retired from LS&Co. in 2011.

In 2012, Elizabeth became a Dr. Drew Life Changer when the Marriage Boot Camp team was called to save the marriages of four of Dr. Drew’s most challenging couples. Again the team was successful and all the marriages made dramatic changes for the better.

In 2012 - 2013, Thinkfactory and WeTV brought the toughest challenge yet to Elizabeth and the Marriage Boot Camp team. The idea was to put five of the toughest Bridezillas and their spouses, with marriages on the rocks, in a reality house while the Marriage Boot Camp team came in to save the marriages. The show was a big hit for WeTV.

In 2013, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll appeared on Fox News, The Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda, CNN, Fox and Friends, Head Line News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Huffington Post Live, Arthur Kade, Glamour Magazine and many more while promoting the Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas series.

In 2013, WeTV renewed the contract for Season 2 of Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas and Season 3, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars due to air in May 2014.

Personal Life

Elizabeth married and had her first daughter, Ilsa Levine, born in 1989. This marriage ended and Elizabeth remarried in 1994 and her daughter Olivia was born in 1998. This marriage ended in 2006.

Though Elizabeth had planned to remain single for the balance of her life, God had other plans. In 2009, Elizabeth met the love of her life on an on-line dating site. Jim Carroll was the perfect match for Elizabeth. They married on June 21st, 2009 and are happily married today. Jim and Elizabeth work as a team in the Marriage Boot Camp to change lives and heal relationships.

Elizabeth introduced Jim to the best church ever at Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX. He and Elizabeth enjoy serving as door greeters.

Random Facts

Elizabeth represented People Magazine’s Real Beauty’s for the 56 year olds.

Elizabeth played a bit part as a waitress in “Crime Stories” with Dennis Farina

Elizabeth was the face of Vincent’s Furs.

Elizabeth was the face of Josepha of Paris cosmetics.